Sassaparilla: Fiennes Edition

Start your next web project even faster with our friend and yours, Sassaparilla

Sassaparilla is a fast way to start your responsive web design projects that harnesses the power of Sass and Compass. It comes with just enough to get you on your way, and no unnecessary extras, so you can spend less time deleting what you don’t need and more time building.

Sassaparilla screenshot

A core focus on better typography

Nail your vertical rhythm with some help from compass’ awesome typography module. You’ll never need to spend hours on calculations again, giving you more time to focus on creating better typography and overall rhythm to your designs. Use the new Typeset module to set all the typography for sections that need to be typeset and style other text elsewhere. This prevents you having to override global type styles or use endless classes for text.

What’s new in version two

  • Sassafras: A flexible, responsive grid system that you can configure how you like
  • Typeset module: Style blocks of content independently of global site settings
  • Flexible breakpoints: Configure with ease and with fallbacks for IE
  • Super settings: Flexible settings file that controls type measure, breakpoints, colours and more
  • …and loads more. Check out the readme.

Sassafras grid system

We’ve added a grid system that we think is flexible enough for use on most projects. As is the mantra of Sassaparilla, it’s a starting point for you to build on and tailor to your needs.

More importantly than that, you can configure the syntax, column numbers and break points however you like.

Be sure to check the readme file for full information on how it works, or check the grid page to see it in action.

All the usual goodies

  • Great typography defaults
  • Work in pixels, Compile in EMs
  • Minimalist set-up to get you started faster
  • CSS variables
  • Open license – use it how you like.

Setup is simple

If you’ve used Sass and Compass before, or if you’ve never tried them, getting started is really easy. We’ve tried to make it as painless as possible, using as little set-up time as required. We also thoroughly reccomend Mixture to speed up your front-end and have a Sassaparilla 2 boilerplate that you can get started with straight from the app.

Download now Or fork on github